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Culture is the way of life of people – evolved over time, spread from generations to generations – their beliefs, customs, arts: spices that flavor their staple of life, giving them their unique identities. Subtle nuances that are to be cherished – celebrated, in the tours that TourEast weaves around local heritages.

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West Bengal offers unique amalgamation of diverse cultures and natural beauty of myriad hues.

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Kantha for the Bengalis means embroidered quilt. It is a very familiar household item in Bengal. Kantha is unique as much for its traditional appeal as its contemporary allure. The craft is practised by rural women.

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The clay dolls of Ghurni in Nadia are the integral part of Bengal's culture. These clay dolls are famous for their perfect detailing of forms, realistic features and marvellous expressions - making them a collector's item.

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Dariyapur in Bardhaman district is a hub of Dokra craft and is home to some marvellous craftsmen.

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Families of tribal metal-ware craftsmen are keeping alive the age-old tradition of Dokra, breathing life into their creations. The hallmark of this art form is its rustic beauty that depict unique folk motifs that have evolved over time, remaining virtually unchanged.

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Scroll painters (Patachitra, Pata = scroll & Chitra = painting) tell tales of yore through their unique paintings and Earthy folk tunes (Pat-er gaan, Gaan = song). Their paintings are known for the use of bright hues – vibrant colours of the Earth in the way they occur in nature.

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Charida is home to the Chau Mask makers. Chau is an acrobatic martial art based dance form and is inscribed in UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The vibrant, colourful and elaborate masks convey the vigorous intent of the art form that portray animals or characters from the epics.

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Gorbhanga is the village of the fabled Fakirs - makers of soulful, mellifluous music. It symbolises a quiet celebration of peace and free flowing music, practiced in the age old Baul tradition. From fields thriving in rich harvests to the eclectic chants of birds, Gorbhanga also has a rich treasure of nature’s bounty.

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Panchmura the face of Indian handicrafts – the terracotta horse – comes home to roost. Steeped in tradition, the village has been molding clay to give vent to their creativity, following a calling that is passed from one generation to the next since time immemorial.

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Villagers are weaving a relentless battle to save the tradition of Sital Pati (Sital = cold, Pati = mat) made from murta plants, their art, already a globally acknowledged epitome of sustainability and craftsmanship apart from being a grassroots enabler.

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Literally the far horizon, it is an open air theatre village - a confluence of local art forms, including those of the celebrated Bauls, the mystic minstrels of Bengal. Tepantar is fast emerging as the epicenter of a cultural resurgence – a journey of art in search of its roots.

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A hot bed of cultural heritage, both built and natural, where the legacy of wooden mask making continues to flourish, even as the womenfolk weave little ditty’s of art in their Dhokra mats known for their vivid colours and patterns that are exclusive to the region and the art form.

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Dedicated families are helping revive their legacy of wooden doll making. Curved from a single block of wood and painted in bright colours of the Earth, their trademark creation, the Owl, being synonymous with the traditional art of Bengal.

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Artfill seeks to bridge the gap between creation and appreciation by bringing the creators out of the confines of remoteness to their aficionados. The idea is to enable visitors to appreciate art as an experience by bring the process of Art making to the hospitality and other establishments through customized events and workshops.

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