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Christmas in Bengal

Christmas in Bengal : Fixed Date Tour package of 6N/7D or 12N/13D to West Bengal, experiencing heritage & cultural tourism and village festivals

6N/7D tour package

On December 18th, 2019 the tourists shall arrive at Kolkata and look around Kolkata the next day. On December 20th, the tourists visit Pingla to see Patachitra(how they use natural colour) and that very night take a night train to Purulia. On 21st, they reach Nimdih and visit Charida, the village of Chau Mask Makers and on the very day enjoy the 9th edition of Chau Jhumur Festival. On 22nd, the tourists shall visit the terracotta temples of Bishnupur and spend the night at the Theatre village of Tepantar. The next day, the tourists can explore its neighbourhood and get to interact with Baul musicians at Kenduli and visit Santiniketan, the place of Tagore too. They shall return to Kolkata on December 24th.

12N/13D tour package

There are two options in this category. The journey begins on December 18th and the schedule stays the same as mentioned above till 23rd. The first option is- On 24th, the tourists shall visit Wooden doll hub and Kantha embroidery hub, on 25th the tourists can enjoy Christmas at Santiniketan and return to Kolkata the next day. From 27th-29th Dec, the tourists can enjoy the 3rd edition of Sundarban Folk  Festival  and return to Kolkata the next day. The second option is the same till December 23rd after which The tourists shall return to Kolkata and take a flight to Bagdogra for Darjeeling. Therefore the tourists can enjoy Christmas in Darjeeling and return to Kolkata to enjoy Sundarban Folk Festival from December 27th-29th.  They shall leave for Kolkata the next day.

The tourists shall stay in a hotel in Kolkata, Darjeeling and Sundarban. Eco tourism cottages will be arranged for tourists staying at Tepantar Theatre Village and Nimdih Gandhi Ashram.