Tour Packages

Tour Packages


Celebrating Peace

Celebrating Peace : Fixed Date Tour package of 14N/15D covering Kolkata and Goa, experiencing music festival and heritage based cultural tourism

On January 25th, 2020, the tourists shall arrive at Kolkata and look around Kolkata the next day. On January 27th, they shall visit Pingla to see Patachitra(how they use natural colour) and move to Theatre village of Tepantar. They shall take a tour around Joydev Kenduli and Santiniketan, the place of Tagore on 28th and on 29th, see Bikna Dokra Village and Bishnupur Terracotta temples. From January 31st to February 2nd, the tourists shall enjoy the 10th edition of World Peace Music Festival: Sur Jahan at Kolkata and travel with music teams to Goa the next day. This can be one option. On Februrary 4th, the guests to visit one of the best sea beaches in Goa along with the music bands and enjoy Sur Jahan in Goa on Feb 5 to 7. On February 8, they leave Goa.

For people arriving directly in Goa, we offer the festival till 7th Feb and then a special tour in Goa covering farmland, beach side stay, exploring mangrove and walking tour in Old Portuguese colony.

The tourists shall be staying in a hotel in Kolkata and Goa and in Eco Tourism Cottage in Tepantar theatre Village.


Celebrating Folk Holi

Celebrating Folk Holi and experiencing heritage & cultural tourism

6N/7D tour package

On March 5th, 2020 the tourists shall arrive at Kolkata and look around Kolkata the next day. On March 7th,  tourists visit Pingla to see Patachitra (how they use natural colour) and Sabang for Madur (Natural Mat weaving). From March 8th-9th,  the tourists shall enjoy Folk Holi Festival at Nimdih and return to Kolkata on March 10th.

9N/10D tour package

The schedule of March 5th to 10th remains the same but on March 11th, the tourists  visit Bikna, Bankura to see Dokra, Bisnhupur to see terracotta temples and stay overnight at tepantar theatre village. On March 12th, the tourists shall explore the Tepantar neighbor where they can interact with Baul musicians. On 13th, they will visit Tagore’s place, Santiniketan. They shall return to Kolkata on March 14th.

The tourists will stay at a hotel in Kolkata, in Eco tourism Cottage in Tepantar Theatre Village and Nimdih Gandhi Ashram.