Sunderbans is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is renowned for its bio-diversity, unique landscape and the iconic mangrove forests. This landscape of the Sunderbans inspires the folk traditions of this land, such as Bonbibir Pala, a mythological play that revolves around the age-old conflict of man and animal. The mystic rivers of the Sunderbans inspire soul-stirring Bhatiyali songs. Likewise, another local tradition, Jhumur dance and songs, resonates through time. The land offers visitors an experience of a lifetime.

Sundarban has a beautiful Folk Resource centre developed by West Bengal Khadi and is maintained by the local artists fraternity led by Puranjan Mondal. The 4th edition of the Sundarban Folk Festival will be held on 25-27 Dec, 2020. Entry to the festival is free and open to all. Tourists can visit Sundarban anytime during the year and may ask us at for a suitable package, mentioning number of visitors, desired duration of stay and their interests.