Welcome to Tepantar, a sprawling lush green campus, far from the maddening crowd. It is the abode of a group of theatre practitioners, Ebong Amra. Tepantar is about 175 kms from Kolkata, at Satkahania village of Bardhaman. It is a self sustained campus where the group members practice farming, dairy and pisciculture.

Tepantar offers ethnic cottages with all basic amenities to visitors amidst unparalleled peace and tranquility that is disturbed only by the chirping of birds!

Located strategically at the centre of a vibrant cultural circuit, visitors may anchor at Tepantar and make day trips to several Cultural Tourism destinations like Santiniketan, Joydeb-Kenduli, the Kantha embroidery hub of Nanoor, the Dokra metal craft hub at Dariyapur, and the wooden dolls hub in Natungram.

The 9th edition of Baul Fakiri Mela will be celebrated for the first time at Tepantar theatre village on November 23 - 25, 2018.

Next time you plan a vacation, set off on a journey that will sooth your eyes, rejuvenate your soul and lift your spirits amidst a unique tango of nature and heritage!

How to reach?


How to reach: From Panagarh to Tepantar is 20 kms and from Santiniketan it is 23 kms. Nearest Bus Stand is 11 Mile. Staying arrangement in mela is at theatre village itself.

Find Nearby

Find Nearby

Where to stay

Where to stay?

One can stay at the beautiful well furnished cottages within the premises of Tepantar. There is accommodation for more than 100 persons.


One can enjoy their evenings watching the theatre artists perform within the premises of the village. There is also opportunity of engaging in theatre workshops with the artists. Marvel at the Ichai Deul, a 70 feet tall templebuilt by Ichai Ghosh, which is 7 kms from Tepantar. Enjoy the quietness of the surrounding forests that provide a perfect backdrop for the winding Ajay river. Visit the 600 years old temple of Shyam Rupa. Listen to the soulful Baul music at Joydeb Temple at Kenduli.

Tepantar – The Theatre Village

Kallol Bhattacharya formed his theatre group ‘Ebong Amra’ in 1994 and engaged the local tribal youth from the Bauri and Bagdi communities who had dropped out of school and worked as daily labours. They developed the place as a self sustained one capable of catering to the basic needs of its inhabitants and generate additional income. They have their own farming, poultry and pisciculture. They also supply saplings to nearby places.

Special Attraction

Tepantar will celebrate 'Basanta Utsav' from March 19-21, 2019.