Pingla, situated in Paschim Medinipur, is renowned for the Patachitra tradition of Bengal. It is home to 250 Patachitra painters or 'Patuas' living in Naya village of Pingla. Patuas paint stories in a series of frames on long scrolls of cloth using natural colours. Nowadays they also make a range of diverse products like apparels, stationery items, home décor products using Patachitra motifs.

Government of West Bengal's Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises & Textiles, in asociation with UNESCO, has developed Rural Craft Hub in Pingla. The village has a Folk Art Centre and Community Museum built by WBKVIB with lodging facility for guests equipped with all basic amenities.

One can plan a day visit to Naya, Pingla to take a village tour, see the beautifully painted walls and the colour trail, participate in workshops to learn to make natural colours. Visit the Folk Art Centre to learn about different kinds of scrolls, the stories and marvel at the wide range of diversified products like t-shirts, hand fans, lamps, bags, umbrellas etc.

One can plan a visit to Naya during their annual village festival in the 3rd weekend of November. If you are visiting Naya, you may also visit the nearby mat weavers hub at Sabang. Know More »

How to reach?

Pingla is 3.5 hours drive from Kolkata. Nearest railway station is at Balichak from where Pingla is half an hour's drive. Frequent local trains are available from Howrah to Balichak.

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Where to stay

Where to stay?

One can enjoy stay at the Community Resource Centre which offers 2 bedrooms (non AC) with well furnished lodging facilities along with basic amenities available for the guests. One can also stay at guest houses in Pingla, hotels in Balichak or at artist's houses at Pingla.


The craftspersons of Pingla are organised in a cluster called Chitrataru. The society has a two storied building with common work facilities, office room and meeting room in the ground floor and two furnished rooms in the first floor where guests can stay during their visit. Visit the Folk Art Centre to learn about colour making and different themes of Patachitra and see wide range of diversified products made by the artists like t-shirts, hand fans, lamps, bags, umbrellas, decorative items etc.

The legend of the Patachitra

The village is home to around 250 Patuas, a unique tribe of folk artists who are painters, lyricists, singers and performers-all in one. Artisans known as the Chitrakars (picture makers) specialize in creation of painted narrative scrolls called “Pata”. Their diverse repertoire includes mythological stories, tribal folk lore, social messages and narrations on contemporary events. Patuas paint stories in a series of frames on long scrolls of cloth with natural colours. The patuas believe that their own artistry dates back to the time of the ancient civilisation when men used to draw on caves. The multitude of colours finds expressions in their annual festival POT Maya. It is an endeavor to showcase this rich oral tradition of a community, skilled in translating their ideas through colorful images and soulful tunes.

Special Attraction

Patuas of Naya will celebrate the 9th edition of their festival ‘POT Maya’ from November 16-18, 2018. The festival is a unique opportunity of witnessing an entire village transform into an art gallery.