Madur is a generic term for floor mats in Bengal. It is an integral part of Bengali lifestyle. The craft is becoming increasingly popular among national and international tourists because of the exquisite quality Masland mats that fetch a high price and appreciation.

The main Madur hubs are in Purba Medinipur and Paschim Medinipur districts with around 6,000 artists, mainly women, weaving wonders using Madurkathi, a rhizome-based plant. Their vast range of products include home décor, furnishing, and lifestyle products like bags, purses, jackets.

Sabang in Paschim Medinipur is renowned for this tradition. The artists will celebrate the 2nd edition of their annual festival 'Madur Utsav' on December 7 - 9, 2018.

It is a new cultural tourism destination. Visitors here often pay a visit to the Patachitra hub of Pingla which is less than 20 km away,

How to reach?


Reach Balichak by a train from Howrah which takes about 3 hours. Take a car from there to reach the blocks where Madur is made. They fall within a radius of 30 kms.

Find Nearby

Find Nearby

Where to stay

Where to stay?

Hotels are available at Debra, Balichak, Contai and Tamluk. Also, one may stay at the residency set up by the Madur society at Bhagawanpur or the Folk Art Centre of the Chitrataru Patachitra Cluster at Pingla.


Upcoming Events

madur digha

Madur Utsav, Digha, Purba Medinipur

Medinipur is known for the beautiful tradition of  Madur weaving - an integral part of Bengal’s lifestyle. Ramnagar I, Patashpur I, Bhaganbanpur and Moyna Block is known for the intricate weaving of Madur mats. Madur weavers of Purba Medinipur will hold the 2nd edition of...