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Birbhum is the “The land of red soil (Lalbhumi)” also known as “the land of the brave” or Virbhumi. Remnants of civilizations add profound historical importance to this place. Several kings have dominated Birbhum since beginning. Birbhum is noted for its topography and its cultural heritage which is unique and is somewhat different from that of the other districts in West Bengal. There is a great prominence of Bauls, martial art of Raibenshe, Shola work and Kantha embroidery.

Some of the prominent Baul akhras around Bolpur are that of Rina Das Baul and Rabi Das Baul.
Visitors interested to travel to Jaydev can visit ashrams of Sadhu Das Baul and Lakhshman Das Baul. Raibenshe the prominent traditional martial art dance form that combines acrobatic movements and balancing tricks is also prominent in Charkhol, Ahmedpur villages. There are 5 Raibenshe groups in Birbhum. Nanoor of Birbhum is known for the intrinsic Kantha work. Kantha is unique in its ethnicity, traditional appeal and contemporary allure. It is a form of personal expression, an art-craG that was made spontaneously or even whimsically at times. There are more than 1000 practicing Kantha artists in & around Nanoor. The shola craG tradition of the Malakars is also popular in Surul region of Birbhum. Kamal Malakar and Kanchan Malakar are the master craGsperson of Shola and make intricate Shola works. Know More »

How to reach?


From Kolkata it will take 3-4 hours by car, Nearest railway station is Bolpur Shantiniketan.

Find Nearby

Find Nearby

Where to stay

Where to stay?

Gulancha home stay (9831056023), Nayantara (7003159608), Nibhriti (9823616967), Udashibabar Akhra (9830028621), Dancing lights (9836455507), West Bengal Tourism lodges (Rangabitan and Santobitan).
Udashi Babar Akhra (9830028621) at Ballabhpur has a mud house with 2 rooms and a small tree house (floor bedding) It is an interesting stay option with space for flourishing folk culture and indigenous rural lifestyle of Bengal.

The 4 acre campus of Tepantar Theatre Village, 23 km from Santiniketan have 7 twin-shared cottages and 5 dorms each accommodating 10 persons.(contact : Kallol Bhattacharya 9434646982) Guest can experience Theatre Show, Baul music in addition.

Nanoor Kantha Hub (Tajkira Begam 9474413141 , Lovely Bibi 8642820926, Afroza Khatun 9614517542)
Baul Akhra(s) - (Rina Das Baulani 9232524600, Rabi Das Baul 9614196848)
Shola Hub at Surul (Kanchan Malakar 9474009311)
Raibenshe village at Charkol (near Nanoor) (Rakkhakar Pramanik 8016474415, Sunil Thandar 9609620069)


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