Bannabagram Baul Ashram

Bannabagram Baul Ashram

Bannabagram Baul Ashram

Knowing yourself is the essence of Baul Fakiri music, which reflects the joy, love and longing for mystical union with the Divine. Living the life of an esoteric, denouncing the material world, they urge people to rise above the divides created by caste, creed and religion to find peace.

In 2004-05, we started working with 300+ Baul Fakirs in Nadia, strengthened Gorbhanga as a centre of disseminating Baul Fakiri music and then increased the spread to 1300 Baul Fakirs covering all 5 districts. While working with the artists, we realized the importance of Akhra in transmitting knowledge to next generation through Guru-Sishya parampara and thus hosted many 5 days workshops at Tepantar Theatre village in 2016-2019 timeframe with 3-7 Gurus and 100-150 disciples and that certainly contributed a lot to the growth of Baul Fakiri music. But then we realized that the Baul Fakirs need a permanent space for them, and thus we developed a Baul Fakir Ashram at Bannabagram in Ausgram near Guskara. We have also started organic farming there and also the 1.3 acre campus has a pond. Know More »

How to reach?


Its located within 25 KM distance from both Panagarh and Santiniketan and 12 KM from Guskara. From Kolkata, its about 3.5 hours by car. One can take Volvo Bus from Esplanade to Budbud/ Panagarh and vehicle from there. People coming from Delhi can use the Ondal airport. From Kolkata airport, its 3.5 hours too.

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Where to stay

Where to stay?

One can stay at the Ashram in shared accommodation (not with the Bauls), or at Tepantar Theatre Village located at 23 KM from the Ashram, where excellent exclusive arrangement including cottages are available with good food. Few cottages for the guests may come up in later time within the campus itself.


Ashram, with 1.3 acre of campus including a pond and organic farming, has 1-3 Gurus with 5-30 disciples always and thus is expected to evolve as a place to interact with Baul Fakirs for understanding their philosophy and music, but without any discussion on the nuances of their practices. The Ashram encourages guests to experience simple life and celebrate togetherness as preached and practiced by the Baul Fakirs.


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