Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism of West Bengal _ TourEast 2018
Culture is the way of life of people – evolved over time, spread from generations to generations – their beliefs, customs, arts: spices that flavor their staple of life, giving them their unique identities. Subtle nuances that are to be cherished – celebrated, in the tours that TourEast weaves around local heritages.

On one level, they are journeys that take us back to the roots: voyages of discovery. On another, they are a tool of empowerment – the economic inclusion of marginal communities, with tourism being the enabler. On a different level they are a celebration of life itself, aimed at bolstering the universal brotherhood of man: where tourism is the great leveler and culture the sap of sustenance.

TourEast promotes cultural tourism destinations of rural Bengal and offers authentic experience of heritage traditions and simplicity of rural life. We aim at engaging local communities in promoting cultural tourism thus ensuring economic benefits to the local people, strengthening community identity and pride and increasing local ownership on natural and cultural resources.